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10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Read on through as a friendly reminder of why hiring a professional videographer is essential for your wedding day. I had a soon to be bride contact me not too long ago about photography, and when I asked her about video and she said she hadn't considered it, I quickly had her (almost) reconsidering photography but definitely wanting a video, with these helpful reminders about why a video is essential for your wedding day. 

  1. Captures the Moments You Miss (In Motion and sound)

Your future spouse getting ready, an untouched reception hall, bridal party entrances..there's so much that happens on your day that you don't get a chance to see it all. After months of planning and deciding between flower arrangements, color schemes and cake designs, the day goes as quickly as it takes to say I DO. On video you can rewind, pause and rewatch as much as you want to truly own your sacred day.

2. No Distractions for the Audience

Upon hiring a photographer/videographer many couples decide to courteously ask their guests to refrain from taking photographs/film during the ceremony. Not only does this let them truly focus on the reason they are there (to witness your new union!) but also you get to see their faces instead of their phones and the professionals get to do their job.

3. Views From Above 

Hiring a videographer with some drone skills is a huge bonus if you have a beautiful location. You will definitely receive some poster worthy shots and your film will have an additional dimension to re-immerse you in your experience. Tip: it's worth researching in advance to see if operating the drone is permitted in the area you are planning to cover.

4. Memories of Guests 

Your Dad giving you away? Is Grandma attending from far away? Are relatives traveling across the world that you rarely get to see? Ensuring all of your group is captured celebrating your love will be treasured for a lifetime.

5. For Those Who Cannot Attend 

Life happens! If loved ones are unable to attend for whatever reasons, or plan to attend but have a last minute emergency, a short film of your day is a perfect way to highlight key moments that they would love to see. Many videographers offer live streaming options as well for guests who are unable to attend the ceremony. 

6. Beauty Shots

Makeup gets blotchy, shirts are untucked, loose hair on your face, and although we love that undone look at the end of the party, on video we aim to make you look like absolute perfection up until then. Leave it to the pros who are experienced in capturing you with the best poses at your best angles with the best light. The right videographer will give you a different perspective when it comes to portraits or beauty shots. This is our chance to create that mini story within your story with emotional and epic action shots. It doesn't have to be tacky but as simple as taking a stroll down the beach, watching your first sunset as a married couple and enjoying the love in each other's eyes. I personally like to set the mood with my couples before our beauty shots . I set the emotion, give them the action and let them do their thing while discrectly capturing the chemistry and magic between them.

7. Screenshots 

You can get a photograph from a video but you cannot get a video from a photo! I've had countless clients who have emailed me months later in distress that their photographer missed multiple moments or did not produce quality photos. Screenshot, edit, voila! Shooting in higher resolution like 6K or 8K will give you the ability to take a screenshot out of a frame and it should give you a photo that is completely usable and shareable!

8. Preserve Motion and Sound

This is it. This is the reason. It's a wedding. It's an event with talking and dancing and music. Pictures are great and all but let's not forget, a picture doesn't capture the length of the kiss and the cheers from your guests. Speeches from your best friends, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss..these are all moments that are a must film!

9. Realistic Timeline of the Day

Leading up to your wedding you'll discuss with your videographer your schedule so they can plan their shots accordingly. If you don't have a planner, a professional videographer can give you a realistic look of how the day will flow taking into consideration the incorporation of photo/video (for example if your ceremony finishes at 6 and reception starts at 7 and you have tons of family photos and you want Sunset Beach footage in October, you definitely need more than an hour). I would advise you to get a good wedding planner though, a good one can help tremendously on the day of.

10. Your own love story frozen in time 

20, 30, 40 years after your wedding you can watch and relive those beautiful moments as if they were yesterday. This is one of the most important days of your life and years later you will cherish this footage of yourself and your forever love, and pass it down to future generations.

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